The $107,000 YG Acoustics’ Anat Reference II speakers

A follow up to the flagship Anat Reference loudspeakers, the Anat Reference II from YG Acoustics is a modular loudspeaker that is available in three different configurations – the compact Anat Reference Main Module, the medium-sized Studio and the flagship Professional. The Anat Reference II Professional is the large floorstanding speaker, which carries a hefty price tag of $107,000 per pair. That said and it gets out of the reach for many of us. The cabinet for the speaker is fully CNC-machined from solid slabs of aircraft-grade aluminum.
The crossovers have been designed using proprietary software, with the ability to optimize both frequency response and phase concurrently. The speakers are delivered in six custom aluminum flight cases. Stereophile magazine’s Wes Phillips reviews the speaker system and he said…


The first thing I noticed about the Anat References was how completely effortless music sounded–all music, whether chamber music, large orchestral showpieces, or kick-ass rock ‘n’ roll. You want a speaker that’s sensitive to nuance? You’ll love the Anat Reference II Professional.

Everything about the Anat Reference II Professional loudspeaker is great, except for the really monstrous size. But, as far as the delivered sound quality is concerned, the Anat Reference II Professional does compensate for the stocky price tag.

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Via: Cnet