Phenix Manticore Loudspeakers signify never-ending quest for high-end audio

The innovation in the field of high-end audio is getting superior each day to whet the imagination of audiophiles especially those who can afford to pay outrageous amount for the style and flair as much as the bass and response level. Even recession has had negligible affect on the luxurious audio we are introduced to almost every day like the handcrafted Phenix Manticore from Gemme Audio which looks like it belongs to classic furniture. Phenix is the symbol of rebirth and the company’s loudspeakers are the renaissance of large driver, high efficiency, and extended dynamic range designs in fascinating forms.
Phenix Manticore is the top model of Ohenix’s ultra-luxurious series, and can even play at live concert levels with ease with its over 125 dB dynamic range, and whopping 100 dB efficiency. Every Phenix Manticore is unique, and built exclusively for the actual owner, which means it can be customized to your desire.


Each pair is composed of two exotic cabinets with intricate music details, and features an open baffle set up for the midrange driver. The company’s alluring range is sure to fascinate every music-lover.

Via GemmeAudio