Continental Mobiles brings Samsung m7500 Emporio Armani luxury mobile phone


When it comes to Continental Mobiles, you know the discussion is based on a luxury mobile phone bejeweled either with gemstones or leafed with gold. Living up to the expectations of all affluent people, the manufacturer introduces its new hand-tailored luxury handset, the Samsung Armani m7500 luxury phone with platinum plating creating a perfect contrast with its dark black exterior. By virtue of a paint job done on the Samsung m7500 with valuable metal, the guys over at Continental Mobiles have turned the ordinary into the extraordinary and made it the most prized possession for mobile phone fanatics. It will cost you £1499 (approx. $2,089) and takes 7-10 business days to reach you.

Apart from this luxury piece of art, the firm presents the same model in two gold shades as well, i.e. the Samsung Armani M7500 phone with 18K and 24K gold plating for around £1199 ($1,665) and £999 ($1,387) respectively.
from:Ronnie Banga