Luxury baby collections for your little champ

The market is flooded with luxury baby products, and baby strollers are major contributors to it. Hence, elegance and style learned from the years of experience, in collaboration with the famous product designer Roberto Cavalli, Aprica has given birth to a line of wheelchairs and strollers so as to maintain the highest standards in the childcare industry that the company offers. The “Baby Safari Collection” is the outcome of teamwork between the two, which is conceived and designed to accommodate a baby from the first moment of life and up to four years of age.
The collection that will be launched later this month includes four strollers made in black, ice with dark brown head color and a golden custom RC logo on it. The hi-tech stroller boasts the “+ protection” feature that ensures support to the neck and the correct posture to the newborn. In addition, a transparent triple hood comes with double usability, i.e. blocks UV rays, allows perspiration and protects the biological rhythm of sleep.



The Thermo Ventilation System is another innovative feature incorporated that offers temperature regulation and reflection of heat. The aluminum and nylon fiber body is responsible for the lightweight and enhanced durability, making it more parent-friendly. Though pricing of the limited edition stroller remains yet to be disclosed, but it’s surely the one you are looking for your little champ.