Luxury Monopoly set for rich board gamers

Zontik Games, known the world over for making luxury board games, presents its new high-end Monopoly board game set for the elite class. The custom crafted leather board uses the finest quality leathers, fabrics and other materials so as to bring together games and manufacturer that represent excellence in the indoor gaming world. The card boxes and dice cups are leather-bound and the dice are ball-cornered for precision. The pieces can be kept in cushion felt compartments when not in use. Available in two luxurious finishes, acrylic or sterling silver, the ultra-luxury Monopoly set by Zontik will set you back $4,405 (acrylic) or $7,105 (sterling silver), depending on which option you choose.
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Apple iPhone festooned with rubies and sapphires

Continental Mobiles, the premier online boutique for luxury goods, has earlier impressed the bling lovers with the 3G iPhone decked out with rubies, black diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. The latest in the line from the house is the iPhone decked out with velvet blue sapphires and pigeon blood red rubies. Unlocked and ready for any network, this blinged iPhone enjoys a Continental tailored coat of vibrant sapphires and rubies. The already glossy iPhone is complemented beautifully with the hot rose-red spectrum that comes out from the glorious natural stones. Read more…

Stainless steel soaking tub for a luxurious bath


To take a dip in a traditional wooden ofuro reminds me of the good old days. Now, a few guys from the US try to revolutionize the concept by replacing the wooden vessel with an insulated wall of stainless steel in order to retain heat for a longer time than conventional bathtubs so that you can sit upright for hours with water filled to just below your chin, enabling full body relaxation. The soaking tub is all stainless steel with 18% chromium for increased durability and simple maintenance. The seat is situated 15″ above the tub floor of 3″ thick double-walled metal tub and built-in 18 air jets that can be maneuvered with a touch of button to spray high speed streams on your body to massage and relax your body. So, if you can’t stop yourself from diving into the tub, then climb these three non-slip steps quickly and enjoy a long, luxurious soak. Yours for $20,000.

from: Hammacher

Adidas celebrates 60th anniversary with blinged out Diamond Pack

Setting up a milestone year for the company, Adidas is celebrating its 60th anniversary of being in the fashion world. Having already started an enormous campaign featuring iconic personalities from the world of fashion, music and sports, the brand with the three stripes unveils the “Diamond Pack” that includes the classic Superstar model and a T-shirt. The classic sneakers are blinged out with six 0.2K diamonds on the lateral side of each foot of the shoe. Read more…

Foosball Table by 2eleven Table Soccer for rich champs


We keep putting you across the latest versions of foosball tables every now and then. To espouse the cause, we bring you this cleverly designed foosball table by 2eleven Table-Soccer that adds an extra dimension to table soccer. Innovative design, flowing shapes, convincing details and fine materials make this cool foosball table outperform others. The feature rich foosball table with built-in cup holders, monitors or advertisement displays on either sides, an automatic ball lift and a score display takes indoor sports to the next level. It is one the fanciest foosball tables designed to immerse you in your favorite sports indoors. Words fall short to describe its beauty, integrity and elegance; all I can say is that it’s a masterpiece you would love to buy for your living room.

from: BeSportier

Continental Mobiles brings Samsung m7500 Emporio Armani luxury mobile phone


When it comes to Continental Mobiles, you know the discussion is based on a luxury mobile phone bejeweled either with gemstones or leafed with gold. Living up to the expectations of all affluent people, the manufacturer introduces its new hand-tailored luxury handset, the Samsung Armani m7500 luxury phone with platinum plating creating a perfect contrast with its dark black exterior. By virtue of a paint job done on the Samsung m7500 with valuable metal, the guys over at Continental Mobiles have turned the ordinary into the extraordinary and made it the most prized possession for mobile phone fanatics. It will cost you £1499 (approx. $2,089) and takes 7-10 business days to reach you.
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Dz-Flex multi-screen monitor keeps gaming buffs at their desks


We keep covering multi-screen monitors from time to time. Giving a little more length to the list, here we come with another multi-screen display named Dz-Flex from UK-based manufacturer Elport. The multi-screen display that is a boon for all gaming geeks comes with a bit wider range of utility including graphic intensive professionals, and medical and financial workers. Its advanced flexible arm-positioning and rugged aluminum frame structure makes it easily fit in any space. Fulfilling the needs of one and all with its spearhead functions and space-saving flexible design, the multi-screen monitor brings all the things under your control. The innovative flat panel design of 2.04” thick multi-vision monitor with built-in speaker that gives high-resolution output using the state-of-the-art technology can easily rest on your worktable. Though no word on pricing and availability, it is certainly going to set you to some serious work.

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Portable audio system for partying on the go

Amplivox, manufacturer of indoor/outdoor portable audio products, introduces its all new digital portable audio system that can be maneuvered with a click of a remote control( AmpliVox SW915 ). Dubbed the “SW915 Digital Audio Travel Partner” is a one-of-a-kind portable audio system that promises to deliver a huge 250 watts over up to a 30,000 sq. ft. area. The lightweight package comes equipped with a UHF 8-channel diversity internal wireless receiver, optional microphone and receiver, a CD/RW/MP3 disc player with pitch control, SD card slot for up to 2GB of external memory and a USB port. Powered by AC or two rechargeable 12-Volt batteries, it won’t let the party end before 10 hours are up. A dynamic compression driver and two 6.5” neodymium woofers promise crystal clear sound. A built-in CD player or USB input for MP3 or iPod connectivity plays non-stop music for hours. Read more…

They failed to sell Saddam’s yacht

The 269-foot yacht that once belonged to Saddam Hussein has failed to sell. It had been in Greece for maintenance work.

Despite features including a missile launcher and operating theatre, no-one was willing to pay $30m for the 82m (270ft) Basrah Breeze. Brokers warned that the Arabesque decor would not suit all tastes.
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