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Some of the most Luxurious SuperCars In The World

Luxury Cars In The World


Luxury car is the name that suggests a vehicle that provides luxury, comfort that makes driving to a new, and more pleasant level. Luxury cars meet more stringent requirements than any vehicle and, obviously they are more expensive to buy. Those cars have premium features like performance, construction precision, comfort, eccentric design, high-end equipment, technological innovation and transfer functions, brand name, status and also you benefit from custom works with prestigious materials.

Here we have listed some of the luxury cars: Read more…

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Top 10 Most Luxury Brands in 2009-2013

Last year was rough for luxury brands. While mass fashion labels and retailers began to feel the effects of the recession as early as 2007, luxury retailers were isolated for a bit longer. Those circumstances made 2009 a challenge.

That’s why very few gained value on Millward Brown Optimor‘s annual list of the World’s Most Powerful Brands. (A little background: Millward Brown is part of WPP, a massive company that’s made up of a bunch of advertising firms, including Grey and Ogilvy & Mather. Optimor does brand analysis for many of these firms.) Read more…

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