Gamin’ Station guarantees most realistic console simulation

Developed over a three year period with dedicated and passionate gamers, the Gamin’ Station is one bespoke arcade simulator for the home. Compatible with Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2 and PS3, the Gamin’ Station racing chair is guaranteed to enrich you with the adrenaline rush. The handcrafted simulator comes with an LCD TV, adjustable pedal platform and seating adjustments for pure driving comfort. The Logitech steering wheel takes care of the precise steering and braking, while the high quality surround sound is courtesy of the Logitech 5.1 speaker system. The soft-touch foam interiors offer ultimate comfort and make for a perfect racing environment.
From under-vehicle lighting and actual race seating to track decals and other equipment, everything on the Gamin’ Station can be customized. An array of upgrades is available for the Gamin’ Station, including the cup holders, cooling fans, heaters, internal and external lighting kits and color changes. The Gamin’ Station will set you back £1,660 ($2,435), with the optional artwork costing an extra £85.

gamin station 3

gamin station 1

gamin station 4

gamin station 2

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