BedBunker modular safe secures your guns and rifles

If you have a collection of rare handguns and rifles or other firearms, you really need a secure place to keep them. Enter the BedBunker, a modular safe that offers total protection for your firearms and other valuables. This 1300 lb steel box features sophisticated Mul-T-Lock locking system, hydraulic gas-assist piston and a purposefully mounted maximum security hinge system to guarantee maximum strength and safe operation. The tamper-proof hidden storage system can store as many as 32 rifles and 70 handguns. Fire protection is offered through a fire resistant sealing system.
BedBunker modular safes are designed to replace the box spring under twin, queen or king size mattresses. Interactive electronic locks and custom sizes for the BedBunker are available on request. The Twin BedBunker, Queen BedBunker and the King BedBunker are priced at $2700, $4800 and $5200 respectively.


bedbunker 2

bedbunker 1

bedbunker 4

bedbunker 5

bedbunker 3

Via: Product Page