£50,000 pop-up garage is a shrine for affluent auto-lovers

Stow-away your Aston Martin in Bond style in this futuristic pop-up Cardok garage. The garage uses a hydraulic platform which can be hidden under a water feature, flowerbed or even a second car. And, at the touch of an electronic key fob you are all set for a perfect garage escape. The pop-up garage has been a major hit in London, eight of them have already been built, four are in production and more than 10 are on order, with interest highest in Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, Ealing, Dulwich and Highbury. So, if you too want one then the waiting list is already four months long and growing. Read more…

Diamond-encrusted Nivea jar is luxury for a cause


nivea_diamond_jarIf the recession has not forced you to cut down on your spa visits and you are one of those fortunate few who can still afford to spend on luxury cosmetics, then this diamond-encrusted jar from Nivea won’t leave you guilt ridden, especially because all the proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Care charity. The jar is encrusted with 441 ethically sourced white diamonds set in stunning white gold and has been tailor-made to crown any jar of Nivea Visage Expert Lift Day or Night Cream.

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Toilets: 14 luxury , famous and eccentric seats

Toilets Main Montage

When asked to list essential, life-enhancing furniture around the home, there are not many people who would include their toilet. However, remove it from their home and they’d be aware of it in a very short time. The humblest seat in the house is also the most vital. For that reason, let us celebrate the ingenuity, creativity and widespread influence of modern toilets  – because to build the ideal home, you really should start at the bottom.

One-Way Public Toilet

(Images via: MSN and Tension Not).

First up, some public toilet designs that you might see moving indoors sometime soon. This design by Monica Bonvicini uses one-way glass to create the unsettling illusion that you’re performing your ablutions in full view of the whole world. If you can fight down the feeling that surely somebody can see you with your pants round your ankles, it’s a fascinating (and deeply weird) way to watch the world go by.

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Luxury Spectacular Castle & Old Palace Hotels

When it comes to romance, luxury and living a dream come true, it’s hard to top a night in a castle – well, unless it’s two nights. These 15 exquisite castle hotels offer us regular folks the chance to live like kings and queens; all it takes is a reservation. Best of all, checking out will only cost you the contents of your wallet – not your head.

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Famous Rolex of H.R.H. Prince Bernhard for auction

Prince Bernhard (1911-2004), member of the Dutch Royal Family, was an avid Rolex wearer. Dutch magazine Quote published an article in their March edition about the auction of this particular Rolex Date. Christie’s in Amsterdam will auction this Rolex Date on the 3rd of April 2007. Maarten van Gijn, Public Relations & Marketing of Christie’s, mailed the picture below and stated that we could use it for this blog. I am curious why the Royal Family is auctioning this watch, in my opinion it should be on one of the wrists of his grand childeren. Anyway, according to Quote Magazine, it will fetch around 3000 Euro.

Photo by Christie's Amsterdam

Ryser Watches

After having worked for the Cantonales Technikum institute and at Rado Watches, Ryser Kentfield moved to the USA to start his Swiss Timepieces store in 1990. He tried his own brand at the JCK Show in Las Vegas, but as he says in an interview with Keith W. Strandberg (Europastar)  it`s very difficult because people want a known brand name?. Ryser Kentfield now tries to get retailers world wide, to sell his watches and to get a bit of attention for his brand name. He makes and sells 700 watches a year, but predicts it will be somewhere between 1000 and 2000 pieces in 2009. His watches start at 1100 USD and use an ETA 2824-2 self-winding movement. His website, http://www.ryserwatches.com, feature background information on his brand, online collection of watches and a list of retailers. His watches are available in stainless steel, 10micro rose gold plating or yellow gold with PVD coating. I have one tip for mr Kentfield there… get rid of the 10micro rose gold plating and yellow gold with PVD coating.. Those types of inferior finish of materials gives a brand a bad rep. Anyway, all the luck to Ryser Kentfield and his line of watches!

Source: Europastar and Ryser Watches

Girard-Perregaux Chronograph Excelsior Park

Today I spoke with my watch friend, and also watch maker, Gerton. He told me about this Girard-Perregaux Chronograph watch he has for sale, with an Excelsior Park 4 movement. When I googled on this watch, one??of the results was this ‘In Memory of Time’ website. A great website by this Japanese collector (TRS) who has a number of great (vintage) time pieces. Among them, the Girard-Perregaux Chronograph with Excelsior Park movement. Read more…

Omega 8500

Omega proudly presents their latest in house movement, Omega caliber 8500. It features a 60 hour power reserve, bi-directional winding, the co-axial escapement and will be COSC (Chronometer certified) ofcourse!.The new Omega De Ville will be the first watch with this movement.

Congrats Omega! And now some attention to your Quality Control (Omega cal.330x) and After Sales (numerous complaints world wide) again.

Pictures by Jorge Merino @ TimeZone.

What comes in mind when you see this luxury watch is … ” wow I think I can control the time ”  🙂

Luxury baby collections for your little champ

The market is flooded with luxury baby products, and baby strollers are major contributors to it. Hence, elegance and style learned from the years of experience, in collaboration with the famous product designer Roberto Cavalli, Aprica has given birth to a line of wheelchairs and strollers so as to maintain the highest standards in the childcare industry that the company offers. The “Baby Safari Collection” is the outcome of teamwork between the two, which is conceived and designed to accommodate a baby from the first moment of life and up to four years of age. Read more…

Josh Pyke’s famous Guitar Boat


Last year we brought you a cool Guitar Boat commissioned by Australian singer-songwriter Josh Pyke. Now, the artist is auctioning off his guitar boat featured in the video for his song “Make You Happy” to help fund the Indigenous Literacy Charity. The boat will be listed on eBay from February 2, with the majority share of the auction going to the event “Busking For Change” that Pyke is launching in conjunction with the Indigenous Literacy Project. Pyke says that seeing the guitar boat clip spread around the world has been one of the main reasons of releasing this album, and now its charm will go toward helping a cause he is passionate about. The auction will end on February 12. The boat that emulates his guitar deserves to be called the height of creativity, and I am sure that the well-heeled people from all around the world will be making a bee-line to participate in the auction to call higher bids.

from: Musicradar/Undercover

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